Gvidi, a mobile app dedicated to restaurants, cafés and bars across Russia and neighboring countries, won the Best Idea award earlier this week in an Android developer contest organized by Tactrick Mobile Solutions.

The prize for the winner in this category is “support for the development of the product in question and its further development over the course of two months” – which basically means that Tacktrick will now finance the Gvidi app for Android.

The iOS version of Gvidi was released in November 2012 and remained among the fifteen most popular free iOS apps for some time.

Via sophisticated collaborative filtering algorithms, the app uses personal information shared openly on social networks to provide clients with customized recommendations covering restaurants, cafés or bars. Users can weigh their options right in the app, which also offers discounts.

Gvidi was developed by AlterGeo, a challenger to Foursquare judged the “Best Russian Startup” in the finals of The Europas, a contest for technology startups held in January in Berlin.

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