E-Commerce in Russia

An outstanding and most useful piece of work
Larisa Pichugina- Strategic Dpt. Ulmart.ru
For foreigners to succeed in Russian e-commerce, it is important to get a strong knowledge of local conditions. There’s no doubt this report will become a daily guide for those running an online retail business in Russia and will help finetune the strategy of those who consider investing in this promising industry.
David Waroquier- Partner Mangrove Capital Partners
I came to fully believe in Russian e-commerce only when I started understanding it from the inside. I am glad that OZON, which many regard as the barometer and trend-setter of Russian e-commerce, contributed to make this research a true reflection of these market realities and opportunities.
Maelle Gavet- CEO OZON.ru
Never have developments in Russian e-commerce delivered new challenges at such a rapid pace. A warm word of thanks to the EWDN team for their pioneering and painstaking work to shed light on this market — a much needed vade mecum for any local or international investor, e-commerce aficionado or service provider.
Bas Godska- Dutch e-marketing and e-commerce expert


“E-Commerce in Russia” is the first international study offering comprehensive and precise data on a market that was once regarded as one of the most impenetrable on the planet.

Based on exchanges with no fewer than 80 market players, investors, and service providers, the report also includes detailed analysis and practical recommendations on the key issues of this industry – from marketing to payment, from fulfillment to legal requirements, as well as to little known HR challenges.
A comprehensive review of the investment deals related to e-commerce that have taken place in Russia over the last two years

Product description:

  • Reliable and precise data on the market with forecasts and trends to 2020
  • Russian E-commerce in times of crisis: Why the market is changing and the players are adapting to new conditions
  • A thorough analysis of the consumer practices, preferences, and expectations of Russian online shoppers
  • Twelve case studies and interviews that highlight the most significant merchants, service providers, and marketing campaigns of the past two years
  • In-depth analysis and practical advice on the most sensitive operational issues, from marketing to processing of payments, and from order fulfillment to HR and legal aspects
  • Exploration of the regional e-commerce scene, which is nearing the tipping point of a market thus far dominated by Moscow and St. Petersburg, including a monograph about e-commerce in the Samara region
  • A review of the investment deals related to e-commerce that have taken place in Russia over the last two years

This report is intended for:

  • International online retailers and brands operating in Russian online retail or consider doing so
  • Investment funds and other financial institutions interested in tech investments in emerging markets
  • Service providers such as online marketing agencies, web agencies and law firms
  • Consulting and research companies
  • Software vendors and IT service providers interested in serving online retailers
  • Chambers of commerce, trade and industry organizations
  • Universities and research institutes

This report is most useful when:

  • Preparing or beginning operations on the Russian e-commerce market
  • Developing and optimizing an existing business
  • Preparing or fine-tuning a business plan
  • Defining a fulfillment strategy or optimizing an existing fulfillment approach
  • Preparing marketing campaigns and optimizing related costs
  • Choosing and managing payment solutions and providers
  • Adapting to Russian legal requirements (including legislation on personal data, marketing practices, and consumer rights)
  • Analyzing the market, setting benchmarks and international comparisons
  • Evaluating local investment opportunities
  • Considering or executing a merger or acquisition

Authors and contributors

This research was conducted by East-West Digital News, the international resource on Russian IT industries, in partnership with several of the most authoritative consultancies in this field, from PwC Russia to Data Insight.

We conducted interviews with no fewer than 80 e-commerce companies, service providers and investors, as well as two dozen recognized Russian and foreign industry experts.

The Moscow Higher School of Economics, a top-tier Russian university, and the University of Telecommunications and Informatics of the Volga Region, which was the first Russian university to establish an e-commerce chair, back in 2004 also contributed to the research.


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