cross border sales

Cross-Border Sales

A spectacular piece of work!
Nicolas Vedrenne- Managing Director, Merchant Risk Council Europe
EWDN’s detailed and well-structured reports reveal extremely useful insights into Russian e-commerce. It has been a valuable guide in our daily work for market entry.
Heli Aarnio - Itella Oy E-commerce Senior Development Manager
Never have developments in Russian e-commerce delivered new challenges at such a rapid pace. A warm word of thanks to the EWDN team for their pioneering and painstaking work to shed light on this market — a much needed vade mecum for any local or international investor, e-commerce aficionado or service provider.
Bas Godska- Dutch e-commerce and online marketing expert
For foreigns merchants and brands to succeed in Russia, it is important to get a strong knowledge of local conditions. This report is a survival guide for selling online to Russian consumers and will help finetune the strategy of those who consider starting operations on this fast growing market.
Leighton Peter Prabhu- Interstice Consulting Head of the Russian office


Intended for practical use by online retailers and service providers, this research study – the first of its kind – sheds full light on cross-border sales to Russia. Based on interviews with 50 top market players and experts, this 285-page report provides fascinating data and insights about:

  • The latest market evolutions: How the market skyrocketed in 2013, why Western e-merchants recorded slower growth or decrease while Chinese merchants skyrocketed in 2014, and what to expect in 2015
  • Russian consumers’ preferences and fears, how to inspire their trust and turn them into loyal consumers;
  • The opportunities for international online retailers in Russian SEO, contextual advertising, online marketplaces, SMM, email marketing, offline campaigns, and other channels
  • Why and how international online stores and PSPs should integrate localized payment methods;
  • How to optimize shipments to Russia and get through the Russian customs seamlessly;
  • How to fight fraud, and how to increase payment acceptance rates when working with Russian card holders;
  • How to comply with the Russian legislation – from forbidden goods, to IP protection requirements, to personal data collection, storage and use.

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