S-Group Capital Management, an affiliate of the fund of funds RVC, has teamed up with Skolkovo’s nuclear technology cluster to inject 40 million rubles (approximately $1.2 million) in Bisant, a Moscow-based high tech antenna manufacturer.

A resident company of Skolkovo, the international tech hub under construction on the outskirts of Moscow, Bisant describes its micro antenna devices as “a powerful means for the reception and transfer of radio waves in various wireless communication systems,” including mobile phones, tablets, netbooks and TV sets.

The materials used by Bisant generate physical effects at the micro and nano levels, which are said to provide the antennas with advanced wireless transmission capacities and electromagnetic signal concentrations.

Bisant already secured an initial investment from S-Group three years ago.

RVC is a state-owned fund of funds aiming at developing innovative projects and infrastructure in Russia.

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