Knopka Zhizni (“Life Button”), a startup that has developed a mobile medical alert system for the elderly and the disabled, has raised “over 35 million rubles” (over $1 million) from, a subsidiary of the diversified high tech group IT Co.

Founded in November 2010 by MBA students of the Skolkovo Management School, the startup turned heads last year at BIT and HSE’s Startup of the Year, two major Russian tech competitions.

Rintech, a system integrator that specializes in the healthcare and social fields, has a considerable track record of expertise in designing and commercializing medical solutions in the corporate sector. “This cooperation will help us penetrate the mass market, from which we’ve been practically absent so far,” said Rintech General Manager Sergey Kuptsov. “And although initially intended for the mass market, the ‘Life Button’ technology can be applied in the corporate sector as well.”

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