Moscow city court confirmed almost two months of extended detention for prominent Russian Internet businessman Pavel Vrublevsky, who is expected to be held until December 23. The court has rejected an appeal filed by Vrublevsky’s attorneys to release the entrepreneur on bail for 30 million rubles, a sum of almost $1 million.

Vrublevsky, 32, was arrested on June 23 at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow upon his arrival from the Maldives, where he spent his vacation with his wife and children. Vrublevsky has been charged with having organized a cyber attack on the website of Assist, a competitor of Vrublevsky’s company ChronoPay, in an attempt to block payment transactions with the Aeroflot website.

According to Vrublevsky’s attorneys, the businessman has fully admitted his role in the event and is cooperating with investigators. Vrublevsky’s lawyers have brought their client’s deteriorating health in his pre-trial detention holding center to the court, claiming Vrublevsky regularly looses consciousness.

Source: Russian Agency for Legal and Court Information